Here at The Body Balance Company, we take a multi-dimensional approach to understanding and treating your health concerns, whether they are minor or more serious.


Our team is made up of passionate and highly experienced health practitioners that specialise in integrative health across a broad range of fields, including:


  • Disease Prevention & Management
  • Diet & Nutrition
  • Detox & Wellness
  • Shiatsu & Oriental Therapies
  • German Naturopathic Medicine
  • Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine
  • Infrared Therapy
  • Remedial Massage
  • Reflexology
  • Counselling, and many more.

We provide a positive, uplifting environment where we look after people and show them how to look after themselves which underpins our treatment philosophy at The Body Balance Company. We use our expertise to educate our clients and provide them with treatments, support services and counselling to ensure they can fully meet these challenges without causing collateral damage to themselves, are resilient to illness, and are able to fully enjoy these special times in their lives.


We work at helping our clients to cultivate balanced wellness behaviours and lifestyles so that they have the confidence and knowledge to take responsibility for their own health long after a course of treatment has been completed.


Both internal harmony and balance, and healthy behaviour are essential for long-term wellness. The Body Balance Company’s vision is to help people build and maintain balance in their lives and through this, uplift their wellness.


All clients are embraced within The Body Balance Company under our guiding philosophy of education, correction and preventative holistic care.


Our clients seek our help for treatment, healing and support because they are feeling, anxious, fatigued, run down, frustrated, discouraged and stressed. They may suspect that they have allergies, hormone imbalances or gut problems, or perhaps ‘they just don’t feel right.’ They are fed up with pain and discomfort, self-confidence and relationship issues as well as fertility concerns. They are at a loss in regards to why they feel this way, or what they need to do about it. Many of our clients conditions have been previously diagnosed as untreatable or incurable, leaving them with a sense of hopelessness and isolation.

Some of our clients are often busy and exceptional people who are constantly challenged by demanding and punishing schedules and expectations. We endeavour to assist people to become and remain the best they can be, for as long as they wish, even when they face demanding challenges that stretch them to their limit.


And some clients consider themselves fit and well, but searching for a way to maintain and preserve their wellbeing. We work with clients on important attitudinal and psychological aspects of illness and wellness to encourage them to adopt wellness promoting lifestyle changes, minimizing net collateral damage to self.




Integrative Health Practitioner

Treatment Focus

Rather than focus on treating a specific disease and using medication (as conventional doctors are trained to do) Scott utilizes cutting edge techniques to assess & diagnose the underlying (root) causes of disease: toxicity, inflammation and immune and digestive imbalances. His focus is on supporting the body’s normal powers of regeneration, regulation and healing. He offers unique and specialised treatments for the eradication of parasites, gut disease, chronic illness, woman’s and men’s health.

Professional Experience

With more than 20 years’ professional experience, Scott’s own inner journey and training has taken him from the Mornington Peninsula, Melbourne, to Europe, where Scott forged a pathway of learning and practice in natural health. Spending much time in East Berlin, Scott owned and operated a leading natural health clinic, offering holistic services such as naturopathic medicine, floatation therapy, detox & diet programs as well as innovative gut disease treatments.


Always learning, Scott furthered his education whilst overseas, completing Diplomas in Remedial Massage, Human Hygiene/Diet & Nutrition and Certifications in Kinesiology and Reflexology.


The flagship East Berlin clinic caught much media attention being the first of its kind and quickly established a reputation for quality and convincing results. The clinic developed a loyal clientele including many well-known artists in the international film industry.


In demand, both in his practice as well as touring the world over, Scott has enjoyed a fulfilling professional career as a Integrative Health Practitioner / consultant, often working on film productions or supporting internationally renowned actors and directors privately whilst on the road.


Scott’s desire to bring his extensive skills and experience home to Australia, was realised in 2013 when he opened The Body Balance Company first in Melbourne and has recently relocated his practice to beautiful Southern Queensland. Here Scott brings his extensive experience in German naturopathic medicine as well as his unique qualities in the understanding of body and mind balancing to his patients, delivering profound results.

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Shiatsu Massage Practitioner

Treatment Focus

Rachel has developed a holistic, ‘east meets west’ medical approach using a combination of her Shiatsu skills and Remedial Massage techniques. She brings a sense of calm and serenity by connecting the physical, energetic and emotional bodies with her flowing, deep treatments, utilizing acupressure points to each client’s needs.


Specialising in pre & post pregnancy massage, Rachel considers a woman’s journey through pregnancy to be a profound biological and emotional process that requires sincere nurturing for both mother and baby.


Rachel’s techniques vary from acupressure and meridian therapy, trigger point therapy, sports and deep tissue massage, reflexology, corrective exercises, mobilisation and gentle stretching of the limbs and body.


She is able to work with teenagers through to senior citizens focusing on lifestyle and dietary problems and the impact these elements have on the mind-body connection.


Dip Shiatsu & Oriental Therapies, Cert IV Remedial Massage, Cert Lymphatic Drainage Massage, Cert Advanced Pregnancy Massage & Shiatsu, Cert Advanced Shiatsu & Energy Work.


Professional Experience

Rachel discovered her passion for health and traditional Chinese medicine over 15 years ago and has been practicing massage and holistic healing ever since.


Rachel has undertaken a variety of formal qualifications, including a Diploma in Shiatsu and Oriental Therapies at the Australian Shiatsu College in Melbourne, as well as a Certificate IV in Massage Therapy at the Australian Institute of Applied Sciences.


Rachel’s experience and genuine desire to treat and transform lives, has seen her work in areas of rehabilitation and re-training for WorkSafe Australia, where she gained invaluable expertise working in-conjunction with medical specialists and allied health professionals. Rachel is skilled in working with clients that require the use of aids and devices, to make living with an injury more functional and safe at home or work.


Possessing qualifications in Advanced Shiatsu & Pregnancy Massage techniques, Rachel has enjoyed a rich career to date working in holistic practices, professional organisations and as a consultant massage therapist across Melbourne and the Gold Coast.


Rachel is a professional, friendly and intuitive therapist. She has confident, sensitive working hands that listen intently to your body, finding every spot of disharmony and tension.

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