Scott’s knowledge about the human body is remarkable. He has helped me sort out my gut problems that I have had for years that no one has been able to fix. While fixing my gut he also made sure to address any other imbalances in my body that we discovered along the way. With the work he has done and all the knowledge he has shared with me I now feel very optimistic about my health in the future and I know my body will be able to keep up with the active lifestyle I love to live.

Rachel is by far the most amazing massage therapist I have ever seen; I cannot recommend her more highly. She, like Scott has an amazing knowledge about the human body and wonderful healing hands. I never have to tell her where I am in pain or what injuries I have because as soon as she starts her work she finds them and fixes them. Absolutely amazing!

Together these two are a perfect team and have really helped my body to function at its optimal level from the inside out. They are such kind and loving people with a genuine desire to help people feel the best they can. I am so happy and grateful that I have found them both!


Elin |   Gold Coast   |  2018

The Body Balance Company has helped me to shape my performance and has given me a great foundation to maintain and become a better Athlete. Since being a client I have seen a huge difference in my wellbeing, my athleticism and my overall health physically and mentally. I am always looking for ways to be better. Having health consultations with Scott and Shiatsu Massages with Rachel, working alongside each other,  I am being really looked after from all spectrums. I feel like I’m a better person mentally and emotionally in my everyday life and in my profession. Working with Scott and Rachel has been phenomenal,  they both have help me tremendously to ensure I continue to reach my peak performance as a two-time world champion athlete in my wake boarding profession.


Angelika |   Gold Coast   |  2018

At a time when I was feeling particularly depressed and like everything was a struggle, I came and saw you for Shiatsu and the impact of my visit with you was phenomenal .


Esther |   Gold Coast   |  2018

Rachel was amazing!!!! Seriously amazing. I would highly recommend anyone  see her as early as possible during pregnancy. I wish I had found her 4 months ago! She worked on so many levels – physically, emotionally, spiritually, I felt like a new person. It really helped release and shift some stuff which I believe will be really helpful for labour  I have very high standards when it comes to massage and healing practitioners too.


Kiosha|   Gold Coast   |  2018

I first saw Scott and Rachel in early 2017. I was constantly tied, lethargic, moody and just overall felt sick. My stress levels were through the roof and I needed to fix it. After my first meeting with Scott and Rachel, I began what has since not only changed my health but my outlook on life also.

It is now early 2018 and I can honestly say you both have brought me back from what could have been a very uncertain future had I continued down that path. I feel great my happiness is back and my gut says thank you!

Your products and protocols combined with your knowledge and skills both on and off the table are second to none. A complete package are you both.

Scott and Rachel are an amazing team, they make it feel as if I am their only client and I am all that matters. You both are amazing humans and I only wish more people will be able to experience your wisdom and skills.

Thank you both from not only myself but also my family who has their Dad back.


Scott  |   Gold Coast   |  2018

I came to Scott following a miscarriage and looking to address some long standing health issues, the underlying cause of which had never been addressed or identified in full.  Having worked with many health professionals I was able to work around and manage the ongoing issues but very aware of the fact that they were still there.


Scott’s approach to health is a more detailed and holistic approach than I have encountered with other health professionals, addressing the very route cause of the problem and the person and lifestyle in total.  He also used very potent and high quality products, mixed specifically to address my concerns, rather than me fitting into a generic, off the shelf script.  We were able to conceive very quickly again after my miscarriage and have just welcomed a beautiful and healthy baby girl into our family.  Scott has great passion for his work and helping people and combined with the knowledge to do so I would recommend Scott to anyone seeking to better their health.


Cindy  |   Brisbane   |  2018


Rachel is a truly talented therapist. The care and compassion she shows in her work is incredible, she has a wonderful gift of being able to interpret the needs of the body and working to balance and support healing. I could honestly say that her massages are the best I have ever experienced in my life. My son also was never one to even consider massage but she has made him feel at ease with the whole concept and helped to improve his health and wellbeing, he finds her massages incredibly relaxing.



Scott’s work is superb; we have been so blessed by his experience and professionalism. He is so passionate about what he does and shows a genuine desire to enrich patients’ lives with the knowledge to put them on the path to health and healing. He takes the time to really look at all of the facets impacting a person’s wellbeing and work to tailor a suitable protocol. His level of training and experience are world class and he has been so easy for my teenage son to be able to communicate with and relate to. Thank you so much, we are incredibly grateful.


Lindsay & Lanai  |   Gold Coast   |  2018

I started seeing Scott in November 2016. Since then my entire attitude, health and mental state has improved dramatically. I am a former World Champion Wake-Boarder and throughout my career I have had some severe injuries as well as many minor injuries.

When I first visited Scott my body was very worn out from 8 years of competing at the highest level. Scott and Rachel’s work has improved my body dramatically, to be honest I haven’t felt this good with my overall health and body since I first started competing at the age of 16. I would like to thank Scott and Rachel for helping me become a better person and repairing old injuries that were not completely repaired.


Matty  |   Gold Coast   |  2017

I have had many, many massages in my time but Rachel is by far the best.

I’m super fussy and Rachel was always punctual, made me feel relaxed and calm and her knowledge of shiatsu and figuring out what my body needed each time was fantastic. I like firm massages and her pressure was spot on and she would always check and reduce or increase depending on what I was feeling.

I had a baby at the time and Rachel always worked around my schedule. The music she also played was calming and the perfect match to the treatment she was completing. Unfortunately for me Rachel moved interstate a year and a half ago and I haven’t been able to find someone of her caliber to replace her. I’m still searching! You will not be disappointed with her professionalism, knowledge, passion, or treatment.


Breanne  |   Melbourne   |  2017

After many years of taking medications and trying a number of different therapies and treatments, I found Scott and Rachel – The Body Balance Company. Their integrative approach to treating illness has changed my life – inside and out. I now have a zest for life that I had lost a long time ago. My health challenges were limiting my daily activities and I knew I was not living my life to the full.


With Scott & Rachel’s caring ways and high level of knowledge and advice, my life has truly changed. I would recommend anyone whose health has presented them with life challenges to talk to them as soon as possible.


I have always felt comfortable in their company and able to speak openly on any health issues.


Helen  |   Nerang   |  2017

If you haven’t met Rachel and Scott you really must !!!!!!


I have finally completed my journey of finding a village to help me to achieve my healthiest life style. I am a very driven person in business, a very calm positive person in my life style, and am very balanced with family friends and health until the last four years. In saying this my struggle was not with a major illness but with minor health issues. I was not very sick but just a few minor things like severe constipation (maybe one motion a week if I was lucky); severe bloating which made me look 9 months pregnant and I can reassure you I was not pregnant, and lots of inflammation which caused puffy feet and hands and swollen knees. I had truly given up to try to find a solution and remedy for these ailments.


I had been bouncing from Naturopaths and Doctors and Holistic doctors who performed almost every test under the sun to have no result other than diminish my bank account for four years. I was so lucky to find Rachel and have her start helping me with shiatsu and lymphatic drainage. Then she introduced me to Scott. The sessions with Rachel are amazing and her knowledge is mind-blowing. I had a recent melanoma taken from my ear which needed a skin graph and was so sore to touch but she treated me with an infrared light and after two sessions I was able to touch the ear and the scaring has diminished by 80%.


I could sing their praises until the cows come home but the proof is in the pudding. I have no constipation any more and only after a short time of natural treatments… have no idea how amazing that is. The bloating has completely disappeared. The inflammation is a work in progress and just starting to tackle this issue.


The most amazing thing was that the two of them have spent so much time and effort in research to find a solution and a reason rather than just a bandaid which is what the the doctors have done with no end to the problem or even a reason. Scott did a gradual treatment concentrating on one issue at a time with minimal changes to my diet ( I have always been very aware of eating healthy). He found solutions and together they have given me back my health.


They say it takes a village to raise a child well it take these two to find and keep your optimal health. I am now looking forward to growing older with a sound healthy body on the inside. I know Scott says once I finish my treatment I won’t need him anymore but I beg to differ as they are both more than my health guru’s they are family and more to the point they are inspiring individuals.


I really can’t thank them enough. They Inspire Me !!!!


Tracy  |   Kirra  |  2017

I was referred to Rachel for Shiatsu on New Years Eve 2015, as I was dealing with thyroid issues and water retention.


The minute I met her I felt like finally I was on the right track. Her empathetic nature and bubbly personality made me feel at ease and her Shiatsu massages are out of this world. Rachel made me realise, that emotional circumstances in our life can trigger illnesses in our body. I started seeing her weekly and noticed a change in how I felt both physically and mentally. Once we got into a rhythm she referred me onto her associate Scott who is really down to earth and relatable to deal with both the gut and thyroid as they work hand in hand.


I was already seeing another practitioner at the time but felt that their method wasn’t working and I wasn’t feeling any better. They seemed more consumed in keeping me on the wheel of tablets without ever getting off them.


That’s where Scott differs, he considers all aspects in your life and believes that if we fix the gut then we can fix ailments in the body. For every man-made antibiotic there is a natural remedy. I have been seeing him for 7 months now and life has completely changed. Where I was just existing in life, I am now living.


Without the help of both Rachel and Scott I wouldn’t be where I am today. They both work hand in hand to give you the best possible outcome and treat you like family.


Health is about both the emotional and physically journey and I couldn’t think of two better people to share the journey with.


Ashly | Varsity Lakes | 2016

I have had a long term injury and thought a massage before the ‘Eco Challenge Run’ would be a good idea. Well as it turned out, it was a great idea. Rachel was the therapist that treated me. I completed the run and have had no side effects. It was the perfect preparation for the run.


Thank you Rachel!


Mark  |   Gold Coast  |  2016

I’m so glad I found Scott. I had gone to countless Naturopaths and Medical Specialists, whom never fully helped me and seemed to use a band-aid approach to my symptoms. I had almost given up on finding someone that could help me, and almost became sold on my diagnosis of Chronic Fatigue. Scott was the only person to actually listen to me, and address all the symptoms that were negatively impacting me and my life. Scott was my last hope, and he has helped me to feel so much better. I now don’t have any of the debilitating symptoms of Chronic Fatigue, and I am in the best health I believe I have ever been. Scott has helped me holistically in many avenues of the life, and for that I am forever grateful.


Jazzie  |   Gold Coast  |  2016

It was after hearing Scott speak at a Health Expo that impressed us with his knowledge of gut health. A topic very close to my heart after studying natural health, I felt he could help my husband, Jim, with his prostate and bladder cancer, which was diagnosed as aggressive.


With a great cleansing protocol, which Jim followed to the letter, his overall health started to improve. Energy levels increased and his zeal for life came back especially with his dry sense of humour which had diminished during the earlier treatments with specialists. He now has a much more positive outlook on life especially with the future prognosis of his condition.


Scott has a wonderful approach with his clients which makes them feel very relaxed from the start. He made us feel very special each time we arrived on a regular basis and many a treat has been exchanged. That brings a smile ! !


There is much to learn and share with Scott. I know he is passionate about the wellbeing of the ones who come to see him that he is constantly searching for ways to improve their health. His colleague Rachel is such an asset to enhance the work that Scott does in such a holistic way. I would recommend to everyone who wants to have a healthy, happy and long life to visit Scott for his recipe to achieving that outcome.


We wish you both the very best.


Dawn & Jim  |   Gold Coast  |  2016

I write this to express my heart-felt gratitude to my two primary Healers, Scott and Rachel.


During my twelve-year battle with Melanomas I have engaged the services of many and varied Doctors, Healers, Gurus and some less credible than others. My Health workers’ palate was becoming jaded until I found Scott and Rachel. I have long been searching for a ‘One Stop Shop’ to support my journey of recovery and my recent amazing experiences under the professional care and guidance of Scott & Rachel suggest I have found it.


I look forward to every visit and I feel completely comfortable and supported. In the short space of four months I regained my strength, my energy, I am less depressed and far more optimistic about my future. These are two remarkable Health Practitioners, their loving care is both nourishing and unusual in that it engenders trust and confidence. In my experience they are a pair of committed practitioners dedicated to supporting their patients on the journey of recovering optimum good health. They are the ‘Real Deal’ offering holistically integrated body work and health protocols at the cutting edge of Healing Science and I have no hesitation in recommending their services to anyone serious about taking responsibility for their health.


I have found what I need and trust.


Anthony  |   Northern Rivers  |  2016

When I first started seeing Scott, my Rheumatoid Arthritis was at its worst – my elbows and knees were severely swollen they were double their usual size and extremely painful I could barely walk anywhere and struggled to live day to day.


After only 4 weeks of working with Scott I started to feel so much better, the swelling had significantly reduced, I had more energy and was feeling happier than I’d felt in years.


Scott’s ongoing commitment and support is second to none. His knowledge and experience in the areas of Arthritis is cutting edge. Our work is still ongoing and my health continues to improve on all levels.


Thanks Scott,


Irene  |   Melbourne  |  2015

To fully appreciate and give justice to everything that Scott has done for me I need to go back and describe the person I was when I first him.


I was an absolute shell of the vibrant energetic girl that could run a half marathon and had hobbies almost every night of the week. When I met Scott in February 2015, I could barley run even 10 meters, I no longer had a healthy glow in my face and my eyes were lifeless. I would look in the mirror and not recognise myself.


Three years earlier, in March 2012 I had started to suffer from chronic Idiopathic Urticaria (Hives) and Angioedema. My face would swell up to the point where I was unrecognisable. My eyes, lips, hands, feet, and legs…no part of my body was immune to this.
I spent thousands of dollars on tests, and saw numerous doctors from General Practitioners to allergy specialists and even a Professor in Immunology. They all said the same thing though…”There was no food allergy, there was no known cause and that I would have to just wait it out.” Some doctors even told me it was my imagination and that I was making it up, even though I had dozens of photos.


I had also mentioned to all my doctors that I had previously picked up Helicobacter Pylori in Bali and that I had also become very sick in Cambodia with vomiting and diarrhea. I kept coming back to thinking that there was something bad going on in my gut yet all my doctors ignored this theory.


I couldn’t accept their offhand attitude towards me, so I turned to many natural therapies including Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurvedic Medicine & Naturopathy. I had no success though as none had seen a case like mine before.


In August 2013, I had to resign from my job as my swelling had become so bad that it was affecting my ability to work. I plodded along for the next one and half years feeling miserable and praying that one-day I would finally find the answer.


Enter Scott in February 2015! I admit I was hesitant about first appointment. After all, by this stage I had spent thousands of dollars on doctors and alternative treatments and I kept receiving empty promises. But as soon as Scott mentioned that he thought I had parasites I knew I had made the right decision. Finally someone else suspected that there was something not right going on in my gut.


As I have Type-1 Diabetes, I always feel slightly hesitant about taking new herbs. So Scott decided that we start off slowly to see how my body reacts. His first concern was always keeping me safe with my diabetes. The first step was to get my colon clean and working properly. Once I felt comfortable with this I moved onto parasite cleansing.


This is where the magic started to happen! People started commenting that I looked healthier and happier. My eyes started to sparkle again and I had more energy.


I would see Scott weekly for amazing massages and he also kept in touch with me throughout the week to check on my wellbeing and blood glucose levels. I was encouraged to contact him at any time- even in the middle of the night if need be – if I felt concerned about anything.


During this time my dad was dying of cancer and Scott understood that external factors would also affect me physically. He always made sure that we spoke about my feelings and I found myself on the phone to him several times in tears. I was amazed that he offered so much support without once asking for money. I’d never experienced anything like it before.


So now, its October 2015 and I’m writing this from Chiang Mai, Thailand, at a Detox Retreat that Scott is running. The experience has been amazing. So far using a variety of herbs and techniques I’ve passed 8 huge Rope worms and lots of toxic biofilm. I’m looking healthier by the day and with each hideous worm that I pass, I know I’m a step closer to a healthy happy life.


I’m so grateful that I came across Scott and his forward-thinking and groundbreaking work.


If I hadn’t met him, I’m sure I’d still be sitting at home, crying every day feeling sorry for myself.


Because of his amazing work, caring nature and his willingness to go beyond the call of duty, I know that I’m becoming the best and healthiest version of myself.


Thanks Scott, from the bottom of my heart!


Peggy  |   Melbourne  |  2015

After experiencing a healing shiatsu session with Rachel, the profound positive effects are noticeable for several days. For me I feel enhanced on many levels, my senses are keener, I feel more connected, more grounded and energised. She is certainly a genuine healer and I’d whole heartedly recommend a treatment with her.


Ed  |   Melbourne  |  2015

Hi Rachel, I just wanted to thank you for your prenatal massages. They were literally the only times I could find comfort and relief during this pregnancy. You have a very natural way of making me feel safe, comfortable and relaxed. Your holistic approach was evident and I always felt better (both physically and emotionally) after your treatments. I would not hesitate to recommend you, and I have told almost all pregnant woman who have crossed my path!


Thanks again


Meagan  |   Melbourne  |  2015

I am so lucky I met Rachel when I became pregnant. Rachel is so sweet and so talented. There was a stage that I was in so much pain I literally could not stand up straight and was leaving for a flight overseas the next morning. Rachel came and did her magic, not only could I stand up as soon as my massage was done, but I was fine on the plane. Thank you,


Rosalie  |   Melbourne  |  2015

I’ve been lucky enough to work with many different physical therapists in various different parts of the world over the years in my job as a performer. Scott is up there with the best of them. His knowledge, technique and intuitive application of skills go beyond that of mere physical therapy and encapsulate a truly holistic experience. I leave sessions with Scott feeling not only an improvement on a physical level but also boosted in mind and spirit. It’s a rare gift that not all therapists possess.


Ed  |   Melbourne  |  2015

Thank you, it has been a considerable amount of time now that I have been seeing you on a weekly basis. I love the fact that you have specialized in so many areas of natural health and that at each treatment we can discuss what is current with my health and how we can treat it. I can really feel the difference physically, but also my levels of stress have reduced and I feel fantastic, and always energized at the end of my treatment! I always look forward to my appointments with you and I look forward to many more, they are the best I have ever had!


Alison  |   Melbourne  |  2015

I have been seeing Scott  for the last year and he has been amazingly supportive, in every way. He is a genuine, and caring lifestyle coach, and goes above and beyond any expectations I have had.


Ruby  |   Melbourne  |  2015

I originally went to Scott 2-3 Years ago. My back and neck were continuously sore and stiff. I was seeing chiropractors, Physiotherapist, massage therapists and could not understand why I was still in so much pain. By absolute chance, I met Scott. Scott’s program of remedial massages and manipulation, as well as the education in stretches, exercise, diet and water consumption, enabled my speedy recovery. Today, I see Scott on a regular basis for maintenance and have found him to be an honest therapist who has a very good understanding of his patient’s needs. I trust him implicitly and am grateful that he has got me to this point.


Pam  |   Melbourne  |  2015

I have had the pleasure of being the recipient of many treatments from Scott . I salute the magic that emanates from his healing hands and his other tools of trade. His knowledge and understanding of the human health is cutting edge and never ceases to amaze me. We have had many conversations about how he works on building more balance on a continuing basis so that I can stay fresh and maintain my wellness even when I am under pressure. Scott and his very capable colleague Rachel are always seeking to continuously uplift their professional competence. They will ever stop improving.


Peter  |   Melbourne  |  2015

After spending hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars on specialist visits and medications, and being told numerous times that the doctors could not figure out what was wrong with me, I found Scott, who immediately gave me reassurance that I wasn’t ‘neurotic’ as the gastroenterologist had suggested! My symptoms were puzzling for doctors and I underwent a number of tests looking for lymphoma, liver disease, diabetes, coeliac…the list went on…and all without answers! Scott has treated and successfully reduced my symptoms, which has improved my quality of life immensely. Scott is a wonderful, caring person who treated me with dignity, and spent the time with me to make sure that he covered all bases, to give me the best results. Thanks Scott, for all you have done!


Anna  |   Melbourne  |  2014

” I have really come a long way since you started treating me. At my heaviest I was 76.6kg and this morning when I weighed myself I was 66.5kg, Not to mention how much my state of mind and overall health has improved. Thanks again for….all of the ways you have helped me.


Anne  |   Melbourne  |  2014

Thanks Scott for taking such good care of myself and my family whilst shooting in Berlin/Boston. We loved the tips and dietary information to help get through the long days on set. Your understanding of  human health and what we all needed was truly magic and your intuition is a gift.



“Scott was referred to me by an artist in Paris to support my health during a production and I cannot say how much he improved my clarity, endurance and general mood over the four months we worked together. Keep up the good work.



A true natural who knows exactly how to handle health and stress whilst shooting a major production. Thumbs up my friend !



“Where did you find this guy Roman? The minute we started working together he took care of all my needs and taught me so much about my own inner health that will be valued future days. Exceptional qualities Scott.